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Berkshire West Area Prescribing Committee - Paper Consultation for Meeting on 6th Nov'19

APC Consultation papers to be considered at the meeting on 6th November 2019

 Kindly click the link of the paper you are interested in viewing & then click on the respective Survey Monkey link to give your feedback. 


Paper 1 - APC Policy 136 Prescribing Quantities for Adrenaline Auto-injectors

This policy outlines the APC’s position regarding the prescribing quantities for adrenaline auto-injectors. This policy has been updated to clarify the APC’s position regarding the number of pens to be given to adults/children. In the previous version it was not clear that adults should be given 2 pens and children 4 (2 to be kept at school and 2 to be kept at home or carried by the patient when not at home).

Paper 1  -

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Paper 2 - APC Policy 137 Prescribing of fluoride products

This policy outlines the APC’s position regarding the prescribing of fluoride toothpastes and other fluoride treatments (mouthwashes, oral drops etc.) for the prevention of dental caries. This policy is due to expire in January 2020 and is being brought back to the committee for review.

Paper 2 -

Consultation for paper 2 -


Paper 3 - APC ClinDoc 016 Berkshire Adult Palliative Care Guidelines Best Practice

These guidelines cover all services in Berkshire including Wexham Park Hospital, Royal Berks Hospital, BHFT, East Berkshire CCGs, Sue Ryder Hospices & Thames Hospice. They are to be read in conjunction with Organisational Policies on Medicines Management, Prescribing and administration of medicines and use of Oxygen appropriate to each organization.

Paper 3 -

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Paper 4 - APC PG 037 DAWN Neurology Drug Summaries

DAWN Clinical Software is a software package designed for disease management or medication management that aids healthcare professionals monitor long-term patients taking potentially harmful drugs. Patients prescribed DMTs will be monitored remotely by secondary care via the DAWN clinical software. The individual Drug Summaries are 1 or 2 page summary sheets, outlining the monitoring requirement for each DMT drug, including cautions and contra-indications. As DMTs will not be prescribed in primary care, these have been summarised in one document.

Paper 4 -

Consultation for paper 4 -


Paper 5 - ICP Prescribing Oversight Committee Terms of Reference

In line with the move toward an Integrated Care Partnership, the Area Prescribing Committee will become the Prescribing Oversight Committee.

This new committee will be a decision making body, responsible for;

  • To proactively engage with clinicians, patients, the public and other stakeholders in developing prescribing practice across the ICP.
  • To manage the entry of new medicines onto the formulary which impact on any area of practice in both primary and secondary care within the ICP.
  • To rationalise the medicines on the formulary which impact on any area of practice in both primary and secondary care within the ICP and remove medicines from the formulary where appropriate.
  • Where appropriate, to develop treatment pathways for those medicines within the formulary.
  • To promote patient safety:
    • through improving clinical competencies
    • through encouraging the provision of accurate information on medicines when patients move across boundaries.
  • To have a consistent approach to value for money and opportunities for investment and disinvestment.
  • To monitor the impact of POC decisions across its member organisations and recommend audits and report on outcomes.
  • To help ensure that the requirements of healthcare monitoring organisations are met particularly with respect to timeliness and equity of access to new medicines.

To discuss NICE technology appraisals and ensure the ICP formulary is updated in a timely manner.

Paper 5 -

Consultation for paper 5 -